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Copenhagen Bamboo

Bamboo socks for men and women

Copenhagen Bamboo is our own brand delivering bamboo underwear in high quality at reasonable prices. Underwear is the garment closest to your skin. Make sure to choose socks and underwear that are soft and comfortable to avoid irritation. Your underwear should have a great and comfy fit without being too tight. By choosing bamboo socks from Copenhagen Bamboo, you get it all, in the same pair of socks – and the price level is so affordable that everyone is able to fill the wardrobe with quality socks.

Extremely soft and comfy underwear

We care about durability, high quality and good comfort. Copenhagen Bamboo bamboo socks are produced from a soft material that mostly consists of bamboo. Bamboo fibers are without a doubt the perfect material for clothing, and especially for underwear. The fibers are incredibly soft and feels nice towards the skin. Bamboo fibers also have some very special properties you will be able to enjoy when wearing bamboo underwear and socks. Whether it’s summer or winter, you will feel warm and comfortable. Bamboo is naturally temperature regulating. This means that the material retains heat in the winter when it’s cold and allows the skin to breathe in the summer when it’s hot. Moisture, sweat and heat are efficiently absorbed and reduced when wearing our bamboo socks. For fresh feet all day long.

Durable & sustainable bamboo socks

Bamboo socks from Copenhagen Bamboo are available in several different models. Everything from classic men’s and women’s socks, tennis socks, sports socks and ankle socks to invisible bamboo footies. The colors are neutral in classic black and white, easily matched with all outfits and shoes. Buy our packs with anything from 3 to 10 pairs of bamboo socks and be well equipped when it comes to high quality socks for a long time.

Gentle for you – gentle for our environment

Remember that bamboo is a durable and sustainable material, gentle on the environment and gentle to your body. No chemicals or pesticides are used in production. Water consumption is also much lower when growing bamboo compared to ordinary cotton. That’s why bamboo underwear and socks are a really good choice for both your skin and our environment.

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