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All bamboo socks for men

The many benefits of bamboo socks

Here at you will find high quality socks made of bamboo. Pamper your feet with bamboo socks for men. Not only are they incredibly comfortable and soft. They are breathable, sweat absorbing, temperature controlling and antibacterial too.

Below, we will briefly outline some of the key benefits of bamboo socks. And why your feet will thank you when choosing bamboo socks over cotton, pure polyester or nylon. Bamboo socks are an excellent choice for both everyday use and training. But let’s take a closer look at some very specific cases where it will be an extraordinarily good decision to choose socks made from bamboo viscose.

Do you play sports?

Do you spend your free time playing sports? Football, padel tennis, badminton? What makes you sweat? Heavy training is often associated with foot sweat and damp socks. By choosing bamboo socks for men in good quality, sweaty and smelly feet when playing sports are reduced. The socks breathe and effectively remove moisture and sweat making you feel comfortable throughout your workout.

Sweat absorbing

Bamboo is a highly absorbent material, which reduces moisture and bad smells. Compared to regular cotton, bamboo releases moisture three times as fast. Giving you dry and happy feet. Therefore, bamboo socks also fit incredibly well for everyone who is working long days in warm shoes.

Do you suffer from sweaty feet?

For the same reasons, bamboo socks for men are also a perfect choice in the summer when the weather is nice and warm. The fabric has a cooling effect when it’s hot and keeps your feet just warm enough. The same actually applies in the winter, as the bamboo is great for keeping your feet warm.

Temperature controlling

Just as you may recognize from wool – wool is temperature regulating – this is also the case with bamboo. Bamboo fabrics have the ability to regulate temperature and help the body keep a comfortable temperature. Therefore, your feet stay warm in the winter when it’s cold. The temperature controlling feature is exceptionally good in a pair of socks, if for example you like skiing or just enjoy long walks in the crisp winter weather.

Do you have sensitive skin?

A pair of socks with a bad and uncomfortable fit can create frustration. With socks made of bamboo for men, you get men’s socks with a perfect fit and they are so soft and elastic that you can hardly feel them.

Antibacterial and allergy friendly

Bamboo fibers are naturally soft and antibacterial. The plants are grown completely without the use of pesticides or chemicals, which makes the fabric very gentle. That’s why bamboo socks are a good choice for both your skin and the climate.

Different types of socks

We have a wide range of socks, ankle socks and footies in different designs. Here you will find socks for men, women and children. Find your favorites and fill your wardrobe with beautiful socks that match every outfit. There are several socks models, each with different characteristics and benefits:

  • Socks with long shafts
  • Socks with short shafts
  • Crew socks or sports socks
  • Ankle socks
  • Footies

Long or short shaft:

Our regular socks are characterized by the fact that the shaft is long and this type is probably what most people would call regular socks. They are totally indispensable in your wardrobe and are perfect for both everyday use, parties and an active lifestyle. They are available both with or without elastic and they are a very comfortable choice. These very simple socks are available in many different colours, such as black, gray, dark gray, dark blue and white.

Tennis socks:

Tennis socks, crew socks or sports socks for men have been an obvious element of every man’s sock drawer for a long time. In the 80s, tennis socks were immensely popular, with a sporty look and classic elasticated shaft. These timeless sports socks are stylish, and if you choose to buy the socks in bamboo, you get silky soft and breathable tennis socks.

Ankle socks:

Socks with short shafts are called ankle socks or footies. They are practical in the summer with a pair of shorts or when you go out for a run. Although the shaft of the ankle socks is generally short, there may be a slight difference in length from model to model. It depends on what you prefer. But they fit perfectly in shoes or sandals.


Footies and ankle socks are pretty much the same. These are low-cut socks. Many footies for men have a really low shaft. There are models of men’s footies that are so low that they can not be seen at all when you’re wearing shoes. That is the actual idea behind footies. That they should be invisible in shoes. It’s really smart if, for example, you wear a pair of sneakers to your outfit and don’t want the socks to show. 

How to extend the durability of your socks

Our large selection of socks and ankle socks in bamboo are incredibly durable. The bamboo material itself is very durable and elastic. And since it’s also antibacterial, socks made from bamboo fibers can be washed at a low temperature. If you still want to wash your socks at 60 degrees, of course you can do that. But the durability of bamboo is prolonged by washing them gently at low temperature.

Avoid sharp toenails

Be sure to cut your nails regularly so they don’t wear your socks out. And use a nail file. Long or sharp nails can wear the socks out unnecessarily fast, so they end up punctured prematurely and the lifespan is therefore much shorter. In the same way, too small shoes can wear out your socks and shorten their durability. Likewise, too large shoes can have the same effect, wearing out the heel of your socks due to a bad fit of your shoes. 

Take better care of your bamboo socks by:

  • Washing them at low temperature
  • Avoiding long or sharp nails
  • Not wearing too small shoes
  • Or too big shoes


Bamboo men’s socks in the best quality

Our socks, ankle socks and footies are made of the most beautiful bamboo fabric mixed with a perfect blend of polyester and elastane. This provides optimal elasticity, softness and a perfect fit. In addition, our bamboo socks are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means that the finished products are free from any harmful substances. That’s why our socks are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Do not compromise on quality – choose bamboo socks because they are the best choice for your feet as well as for our planet. 

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Do your feet a favor and buy bamboo socks for men right here. Of course, you will also find bamboo clothing for men, women, girls and boys in the same high quality bamboo fabric. We look forward to helping you find new favorites among socks, ankle socks, sports socks, tennis socks and footies. Whatever you need, we have a good offer ready for you on men’s bamboo socks for everyday use, work, school and sports.

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