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Bamboo footies men's

Bamboo footies and ankle socks for men

Nobody enjoys having sweaty feet, thus most of us try to avoid it best we can. Bamboo footies men’s are incredibly suitable for reducing sweat thanks to the many good properties of bamboo fibres. First of all the bamboo fabric is antibacterial. This means your bamboo ankle socks will reduce smelly feet as well as allow your skin to breathe. The fibers are extremely effective when it comes to regulating temperature.

If you experience that your feet become warmer and warmer during the day, you are not alone. In that case, bamboo footie socks are truly a perfect choice. The moisture wicking properties of bamboo makes you comfortable, even after a long day of wearing shoes at work or training. At we have a wide range of both bamboo footies and bamboo ankle socks for men from well-known brands such as Frank Dandy, JBS, Bamboo and Resteröds.

Invisible footies for men

If you’re looking for invisible socks made of bamboo, our no show footies are available in various models in both black and white. No show socks are fantastic at times, where you would rather not have your socks showing in your shoes. Footies and ankle socks are available in both pairs and multipacks. So if you are looking to fill your wardrobe with durable, eco friendly socks that are super soft and comfortable, have a closer look at our bamboo socks here. If you are already a fan of bamboo clothing, we have lots of other garments in bamboo as well.

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