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Bamboo kids clothing

Comfy bamboo clothes for kids

We probably all recognize the feeling of realising your kid needs new bottoms, underwear, socks or tops. But it’s not always as easy to find the right pieces of garment. They need to have a perfect fit and they must not irritate the skin. But do not despair. We have a wide range of comfy, soft and smooth kids bamboo clothing. Perfect for everybody, especially for sensitive skin, since bamboo is hypoallergenic amongst other things. 

The great thing about bamboo clothing for kids is that the garment is extremely soft, while also being durable, sustainable and antibacterial. In addition to that, bamboo also regulates temperature, keeping your child comfortable at all times of the year. The bamboo fibers have a fantastic ability to store heat and keep you warm when it’s cold. At the same time bamboo has a cooling effect when it’s hot. 

Kids bamboo clothing is perfect for everyday life, training and sports. Copenhagenbamboo has a wide selection of bamboo clothes for kids and you’ll find everything you need right here. We have bamboo underwear, socks, undershirts, tops and bottoms for children.

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