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Boys bamboo socks

Bamboo socks for boys

Socks for boys and kids wear out quickly since they are exposed to an active everyday life with school, sports and activities. Bamboo fibers make the perfect material for producing socks and clothing that needs to last for a long time. The garments are durable, elastic, moisture wicking and antibacterial. Fortunately, bamboo socks are also available for boys and you quickly notice the benefits of bamboo over regular cotton socks.

Boys’ bamboo socks reduce moisture and sweat from the feet. Thereby also minimizing bad smell, even during long walks and demanding workouts. Since bamboo is antibacterial and moisture absorbing, the bacteria that cause bad odors will not thrive in bamboo socks. The feet also feel warm enough, whether it is summer or winter. Bamboo has a cooling effect when it is hot and vice versa when it is cold.

Bamboo ankle socks and footies for training

Bamboo socks for boys are durable and generally have a longer lifespan than other materials. They are elastic and very soft, which makes bamboo socks feel comfortable against the skin. They have a perfect fit without irritating or chafing. Something that is important for most children. We have a large selection of bamboo socks for boys. The colors are neutral and easily match all outfits. At we also have bamboo tennis socks as well as ankle socks and footies, which are perfect for training or on hot summer days.

By choosing bamboo socks for your child, you not only get high quality socks that last a long time. You are also making a good choice for our planet, as bamboo is an environmentally friendly product. The plant grows quickly and without pesticides or artificial irrigation. The bamboo plant spreads itself and adds more nutrients to the soil, which is good if the soil is poor in nutrients and of poor quality. The many benefits of bamboo – both for the consumer and for the environment – contribute to bamboo being an excellent material for clothing and socks. For adults, as well as for children.

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