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Men's bamboo clothing

Sustainable bamboo clothing

At we carry a wide selection of sustainable clothes in high quality with comfort in focus. With brands such as JBS of Denmark, Lindberg and Frank Daddy, socks, underwear, bottoms and tops are available – all made of environmentally friendly bamboo material. Adding lightness and flexibility to the clothes. The soft fibers of bamboo differ from other materials such as cotton. They make bamboo clothing unusually soft and comfy to wear. 

Bamboo apparel is comfortable to wear and the fabric has several fantastic properties. It’s moisture absorbing so you’ll always feel fresh, as sweat and moisture is effectively reduced. The bamboo fibers are also very elastic and good at maintaining their shape for a long time. Apart from these amazing benefits, bamboo is also breathable as well as temperature-regulating. Leaving your skin feeling light and airy at all times, regardless of what time of year it is. Bamboo manages to keep you warm when it’s cold, and cools you off when it’s hot. Perfect for both summer and winter. Everyday use, sports and work. 

Good for your skin – great for our environment

These benefits of bamboo viscose makes bamboo clothing particularly useful for an active lifestyle and training. What makes it even better is that bamboo is actually a sustainable and eco friendly material. The bamboo plant grows 100% naturally without pesticides, and you can therefore safely wear bamboo clothes without worrying about allergies and irritations. If you want to give a helping hand to the climate without compromising on high quality and comfort, then bamboo clothing is worth a try.

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