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Women's bamboo socks

Bamboo socks for ladies

At you will find high quality women’s bamboo socks. Socks that do not break or get worn after only a couple of times. Our socks are available in many different variations and colors, so we definitely have what you are looking for. Whether it is socks for training, for cold winter days, for tiny summer sandals or something completely different.

Quality and material are important factors – especially when it comes to our feet. The bamboo fabric we use is antibacterial, it breathes and is also incredibly soft and absolutely wonderful.

Breathable socks

The fact that the material breathes is of course also an advantage – especially if you are looking for socks, perfect for a sweaty workout. If you choose to wear socks your feet are able to breathe in, you will automatically feel much more comfortable. Since our bamboo socks for women regulate temperature and absorb moisture, your feet will never feel sweaty nor too cold. Making this material one of the most comfortable choices for your feet. 

Eco friendly bamboo socks

Bamboo is a naturally organic material with a much smaller impact on the environment than a lot of other types of textiles. The production of bamboo is more gentle and the bamboo roots even make the soil more nutritious and prevent erosion.  

We regularly update our range of ladies bamboo socks and in our selection you will find socks from brands such as Decoy, Frank Dandy, Copenhagen Bamboo and JBS of Denmark.

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