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About us was born the moment we put on a pair of bamboo socks for the first time. It was a great feeling. They fit perfectly, they are soft and the feet can breathe and will not feel sweaty anymore. Bamboo socks last a long time, have a good fit and are very elastic. And they are antibacterial. This of course applies to all bamboo clothing.

Bamboo is a sustainable plant as it grows quickly without the use of pesticides. The clothes are really good and we love them. Sustainable clothing for our future.

We have created our own brand called Copenhagen Bamboo. We have chosen to produce underpants and socks in a very high quality and which do not look like the other brands we have in the shop.

We hope you will be happy with our products. There are more sustainable clothes on the way. So remember to keep an eye on all the news.

Our mission

Our mission is very simple, we aim to be the leading online shop within bamboo clothing. This is also why we have started a collaboration with JBS, a brand who has launched JBS of Denmark, a sustainable fashion brand for the future. Their clothes are made of the highest quality bamboo without compromise. It’s JBS as we know it, just better. We are very proud and happy for our cooperation.

Vision for the future

In the future we wish for all our clothes to be 100% organic, made without pesticides in a 100% chemical free production. This is our dream and vision for the future of our children.

However, it must be said that bamboo is naturally organic and almost by definition sustainable.

In our future, there is also no such thing as plastic as we know it today. At we already send our packages in brown paper and very few products are wrapped in plastic.

Get in touch

If you want to get in contact with us, please send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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