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Responsible and sustainable wood with FSC® has an FSC trademark license FSC® N003469. This means that we are approved by FSC Denmark to use FSC’s trademarks in communication and marketing of FSC-labeled products. The FSC label on our products means that they are made from materials from FSC-certified forests and other responsible sources.

It is important for us to take care of our forests and keep them full of life so that present and future generations can enjoy them. At, we therefore offer a selection of FSC®-labeled products and more are on the way. Look for the FSC logo on the FSC-labeled products.


The Forest Stewardship Council, also known as the FSC, is an international non-profit labeling scheme that deals with wood and paper and its origins. The FSC label secures responsibly purchased wood and paper, so that you can buy FSC-labeled products with a clear conscience. What makes the FSC label sustainable, compared to other alternatives, is that the label ensures that no more trees are felled than what is good.

In addition, the FSC ensures that animals and plant life as well as those working in the forest are taken into account. They are educated and have proper working conditions when it comes to pay and security. It is no secret, that all of us at Copenhagenbamboo are proud to say that we are dealers in FSC-labeled products. If you keep reading, you can become much wiser about what FSC entails and why the FSC label should be something to look for.


In addition to the labeling scheme, there is an international control system behind FSC. Regardless of how many steps the supply chain contains, from forest to store, FSC requires that every step along the way to the store has a traceability certification that ensures that only permitted materials are used in FSC-certified products and that this can be documented. On the FSC labels you can see a license code belonging to the certified company, whose label has been used for the product. The certification is carried out by independent certification councils, and the use of the FSC label is controlled and is subject to strict trademark requirements.

FSC’s social conditions

In addition to setting requirements for the protection of natural values and biodiversity in the forest, the FSC also ensures social sustainability. This means that the FSC requires that forest workers have proper working conditions, such as safety equipment and a decent wage, and that those who work in the forest are trained to do so, and that the forest owner promotes gender equality.

In addition, indigenous peoples have the right to use the forest as always, and they are involved in the management of the forest. In many of the poorest countries, it is part of the national FSC forest standard that percentages of the profits from operations should go to projects that benefit the local community (schools, clinics, access to water or other projects).

You are the solution

Although the FSC is a step in the right direction in relation to a more sustainable clothing consumption, the scheme does not solve all problems alone. Deforestation, which takes place in the tropical forests, is a complex issue that can only be resolved by several brains thinking alike. The FSC is the only global labeling scheme that experiences broad support from other green organizations such as WWF and World Forests.

Therefore, FSC is a simple solution through which you can participate in the fight for a greener and more sustainable approach to consuming and producing. That’s why you’re part of the solution out there. By buying FSC-labeled products, you support the fight, and at the same time you acquire clothes that you can wear proudly and with a clear conscience.

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